Edmund Yen from INVENIC INC Philippines is a Liar

Release time:30-Sept-2017

Invenic Inc is company in Philippines.Edmund Yen is said to be the boss of Invenic Inc. This Guy is said borned in Singapore and once be Police in Sinapore for years.Now he lives in Philippines and runs the company called " Invenic Inc".
In 2016,Edmund Yen visited us and start small business with us on solar LED street light.From the business,it is going on right.Several months later,he told us he has new project ,however,he need our support on payment.Our team do not agree in the beginning.However,after some negotiations,we fininally agree to offer 30% balance payement with 15 days credit(the goods by sea only need one week to arrive the destination port.).He promise us to clear the balance payment within 15days after boarding.We believed,due to the previous cooperations and considered he was once a police in Singapore(He told us like it and we found it on his LINKIN introduction before----now we can not find his information.If it is real,it is a shame on Singapore police).
When the payment time(total USD13,105.00) is due,we asked him for the balance payment. He found all kind of excuses to delay the payment again and again.He pretented that he will pay us,just will be sometime later.About one month later,he started no answer for our calls.Even set our phone number blacklisted(use a new number can reach his phone,and our contact's phone never reach).He also pretented inviting us to visit his office.Once a time,we did plan to visit Philippines and do some investigation on his company and project.Now half an year has been pasted,we gave our final date for him to make the payment but failed.
This is a lesson to us.Hereby we list his contact information.Hope others not to be cheated by this shit guy and/or this shit company again! Anybody who like to share this information,no need asking us for premission.
This is the shit company and the liar's information:
Edmund Yen
Invenic Inc
Add.:Unit 1201B, Richville Corporate Tower,
1107 Alabang Zapote Road, Madrigal Business Park,
Metro Manila, Philippines 1770
Tel:+63 9178421717 / +65 90084230"
Hitechled confirm what we announed above is real. Hitechled optoelectronics Co.,Ltd.

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